It is intrinsic human nature to dream. It is the driving force that makes us visualize our goals and aspirations. And just like any ordinary person, I had big hopes and dreams when I first came here in Canada. Equipped with enough savings and a burning desire to succeed, I was ready to take on any challenges. I was willing to put a lot of time and hard work to fulfill my goals.

An entire year passed putting a lot of vigorous hard labor, the realization sunk in. Canada is a beautiful country but it is not for the faint hearted people, she surely tested my will and determination. Juggling between two jobs and as a family man on top of adjusting to a different/multicultural country was just very tough. The expenses were escalating and income was just enough to make ends meet. Nonetheless I pushed through knowing I have a family to support.

For ten long years I was in the loop of making money and spending money. I knew something must be done to rectify my situation, I was desperate for an opportunity to change my life for my family but I just didn't know how to begin. But one day I came across from facebook a testimony of people who had changed their life through online business, and so my interest soared. I took a risk and signed up and from that monumental decision, my life has changed wonderfully.